2019 Weddings – Blue is the Colour

This arch shows a number of blue flowers – hydrangea, pale and darker delphinium, larkspur  and how well different shades of pink, white, mauve and of course green work with them. There are not that many ‘true’ blue flowers but the following are what is generally available in each season. In spring you have muscari, bluebells, forget-me-nots, hyacinths, iris, in early summer nigella, meconopsis (Himalayan Blue Poppy), cornflower, delphiniums, gentiana and late summer hydrangea, agapanthus. Thistle tends to be available most of the year and many other flowers are called blue but are in fact purple such as lisianthus, veronica, clematis. There may be a few I have over looked but the above are the most readily available and grown in this country.

At the end of this post I will comment on blue generally as it is this years Pantone colour of the year but first onto our weddings. Love this one of groom Damian in charge of his wife’s bouquet! There are thistle, delphinium and nigella amongst the white and green.

Linnea & Damian’s wedding was at Salomons Estate in late April, you can see how blue featured in the flowers, for the bridesmaids dresses, grooms suit and even the carpet which brings out the blue delphinium in the milk churns perfectly.

And it was a windy one, we had quite a few of those last year, glad photographer Scott Kendall Photography got that shot.

Gemma & Kevin got married in June at The George They had quite a journey leading up to the their wedding as Kevin was very ill but as you can see from Jacqui McSweeney’s  great photos they had a wonderful day and Gemma just does not stop smiling.

The bridesmaids dresses were a pretty pale blue and all ladies had pale blue hydrangea, delphinium and thistle along with ivory roses and lisianthus.

Such a happy lady

And another blustery day but makes for such fun shots.

Barbara also had pale blue for her and Robin’s laid back beach wedding at The Gallivant in August. Another very smiley bride and why not when you can go bear foot in the sand. They had the ceremony and canapes in the dunes at Camber

Pale blue drapes, table runners and chair ties adorned the marquee along with succulent place names and vases filled with nigella, wax flower, roses, phlox, green bell & eucalyptus And it was all in the detail, lovely menus stands, bespoke welcome & order of the day boards made by Hire Love and photos taken by Cooper Photography

And I could not resist finishing with this one!The reason I chose to do a separate blog for blue weddings is because the Pantone colour for this year is Classic Blue.

Blue has always been a popular choice for weddings, particularly navy bridesmaids dresses which work well at most times of year but come into their own for winter and Christmas weddings. This was Helen & Chris’s wedding we did in November 2018, 5 navy dresses but all different styles.Thanks to Clare Randell for that shot.

Blue works for the boys too. This was Dino & Lyndsey taken by Sarah Williams at their December wedding last year and looking back the majority of grooms wore blue suits of one shade or another.

And thistle is always a winner for buttonholes

Below is a lovely mixed bouquet found on Pinterest showing how blue can be incorporated both with flowers and by using beautiful flowing ribbons.

So what will your wedding colour be? I know from recent consultations that whites and greens are still a favourite combo but so far we have quite a range of colours and I am looking forward to working with them all.

The next blog is about the flower crown as looking back I realise how many featured in our weddings last year.




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