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British Flowers & DIY Weddings

The wedding industry like all other areas of life is becoming more aware of the environment and call it eco friendly, sustainable, green or whatever term you choose, it cannot be ignored. Flowers are no exception as more and more couples are asking where flowers are coming from and the most environmental options possible i.e. seasonal, no pesticides, no plastic, foam free, low carbon foot print. This is where British grown flowers and foliages can tick many of the boxes.

It was good to to hear at the end of this year’s British Flowers Week, now in its 7th year, that British grown flowers now make up 14% of the total UK market. There is still a long way to go given that back in the 1970’s all flowers available in the UK came from British flower farmers. However this is changing and whilst when I first opened a shop in 2005 I struggled to find British and more particularly locally grown flowers, today it has become much easier. There are flower growers popping up all over the country, many of whom are members of Flowers From The Farm, a not-for-profit, co-operative of British cut flower growers with over 500 active members from Cornwall to Inverness.

I am luck to have Orchard Farm Flowers near to me. Zoe grows numerous British flowers starting in April with anemones, ranunculus, wallflowers to name a few going right through to September and October with dahlia’s taking centre stage. Currently the peonies are just coming to an end with the sweet peas in full swing, the stem length is incredible along with the scent.

Zoe like most growers offers flowers to florists and the public who can buy by the bucket getting a mix of what’s available that week or put in a specific order. There will be no plastic packaging, the buckets re-used and no air or road miles! See the antirrhinums below just coming into flower on Orchard Farm

For brides it is always beneficial to visit the grower preferably the year before the wedding to see what will be in flower at the time of the wedding. This can usually be done individually by appointment or by attending scheduled open days or as Zoe does, bridal open evenings which this year are on the 10th July and 11th September. I will be on hand too for any floristry questions and some sample bouquets, table arrangements and buttonholes. It’s not too late to book!

Below are some of the flowers a recent bride had to decorate the venue along with the end result. 


And we did the bridal flowers.

This brings me on to the point that due to the rise in interest of brides wishing to do all or part of their own wedding flowers we now offer DIY Wedding Workshops to give guidance on all aspects of DIY weddings.

So go on give it a try – buy British, buy local!

Jug full of garden grown blooms.