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2019 Weddings Catch Up

There were a few weddings where I did not have the professional photos when I did my other posts so this is a catch up of those 2019 weddings.

Above is Hannah and her bridesmaids with a close up of their bouquets below.And now for Hannah with hubby Luke. They got married at Blackstock Country Estate and went for ivory and blush but with the added drama of burgundy in the Picasso calla lily.

Such a lovely moment here. All photos by courtesy of Matthew Page

Above is an image of Natalie & Toby’s table centres at the lovely Cherry Barn They are in wooden creates made by Natalie’s father from larger apple creates. It was quite a personal affair as Natalie’s mother made the wedding cake – such a creative family! Another white, green & blush wedding.

Next up we have the 2 Sam’s wedding! They also got married at Blackstock Country Estate in September and had photo’s taken by Clare Fitzgerald

They too went for calla lilies but this time mango to reflect the change in season. Sam also had feathers, wheat, hypericum berries, dahlia’s and roses.

And here are a few I just like that did not make it into the other posts. Black and white photos just seem to have a romance to them added to the fact that here Loulla is looking a little apprehensive as she arrives at the church. Thanks to Georgina Piper for that lovely shot.

How happy does Georgie look foot loose and fancy free, such a beautiful dress, captured by Rebecca Claire

And finishing off with another photo from Catherine and Matt’s June wedding in Rye as they walk down from the Town Hall snapped by Duntons Photography