British Flowers Week revisited!

I have just discovered this post I drafted but failed to publish back in June, pressures of work and all that ! However it is relevant especially as I have been able to make a few arrangements from my own grown flowers more of which I plan to grow next year. So here it is along with my contribution, the first image is helped by the lovely Splash Sensation rose but a lot is home grown:

Vibrant garden bunchGarden arr_2

‘June is such a lovely month for our native flowers and for the last 2 years New Covent Garden Flower Market have promoted and celebrated our treasures by having British Flowers Week. It has ‘grown’ year on year and now involves florists, growers, the public, the media as well as it’s original trade only participants. The coverage is huge on social media and in the press with wonderful designs from florists all using British flowers and foliage. I have always been a fan of our beautiful home grown blooms but in previous years not always found them readily available but the number of growers are increasing often on a very local scale but with the help of Flowers from the Farm hopefully there will be a much more ‘joined up’ network’.

Fresh Start, Flowers from Rye

Welcome to our new blog! Not forgetting new website. These have come about due to a change of direction after 10 years of owning and running the shop in Mayfield we are now based at home in a studio by the river Brede in Winchelsea Beach, near Rye. We have slightly changed our name and our business in that we are concentrating on weddings ands events rather than the day to day flower deliveries but still do corporate flowers. It means we can devote all our time to our weddings and the season has started well with a number under our belt already and a busy summer ahead. We cover East Sussex and Kent as before and would love to hear from you if you are planning a wedding or event.

So here is where we work
The StudioStudio 2      Inside studio 2  The View

View with ducks!A snap shot of our weddings so far, creams and whites have been popular :

Emma Spring b'qs

Spring Flower girl posy

Lois table arr

But we had a spring one in yellows with tulips, freesia and feverfew:

Bird cage Ian & Rachel

And mixed summer pastels are cropping up on a regular basis:

Zena's bouquet 2

The eclectic mix of vases and flowers is still very much on trend with brides making it all very personal with the finishing touches.

Becki mantle vases 2Sarah Jervis table

Peonies are very popular with their lovely blousy blooms and array of colours from white, through the pinks to red and corals and look good on ‘naked’ cakes:

Emma-Jayne cake

So there we have it the first blog on our new website, we will be posting our weddings on a regular basis and any other interesting snippets we feel worthy of sharing with you.



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