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Flower Crowns

It was not until I looked back over last years weddings that I realised how many flower crowns we did. It started with this lovely lady in April, Natasha loved her crown and it held up brilliantly for photos by David Long on the very windy Camber Sands. Flower and foliage crowns are nothing new though they apparently date back to ancient times, typically being worn on festive occasions. Roman brides would wear a crown made of verbena that they had picked themselves. Queen Victoria made the wearing of crowns fashionable by having a crown of orange blossoms for her wedding. Flower crowns have been a symbol of love, fertility and celebration throughout history and around the world. They are very popular today as apart from being very pretty they can depict a certain style, boho for the relaxed wedding, full on bloom for the romantics and shear cute for the flower girls.

Catherine went for white spray roses, wax flower & grey/green foliages in keeping with her general flower colour scheme. Thanks to Steve Smith for the image

Racheal and her flower girl daughter both wore them, Racheal’s being of mixed flowers and foliage.Whilst her daughters was more delicate with all wax flower.

Barbara wanted a her whole wedding to have a ‘Boho Chic’ feel and went for a narrow foliage band with flowers at the front to accommodate her veil. Photo’s by Cooper Photogrphy

Chloe went for a mainly foliage crown with a few little September flowers which was appropriate given the month she got married and it tied in with her green & white bouquet. Images by Paul Read

We then had a flower girl crown for Rebecca & Sam’s wedding in October with spray roses and wax flower. Lovely shot by Duntons Photography blowing bubbles

Hannah went for a few flowers and foliage rather than a full crown to compliment the veil

Great shot by Eliza Claire looking from above

I could not resist this although it is not fresh flowers but the flower girl is sooo cute! Lovely moment from Georgie & Ian’s wedding by Rebecca Claire Photography

This is a bit of a cheat too as it was not from last year but a wedding shoot we did with Debbie Sanderson but I really like the colours and it shows a more full crown with bright ranunculus. A nice way to end a post.