The Flower House Studio Garden – December 2020

So here we are heading towards the end of 2020 and what a strange year, who would have thought when I started this blog how it would pan out. In fact it was because of the situation that I decided to write this as weddings were not happening. I ended up doing 3 weddings with most postponing to next year so I concentrated on the garden. We had some beautiful weather so much time was spent out there and we were so grateful to have such a lovely spot to enjoy during a difficult year. Below is the garden on 1st December and what a wonderful sky.

I have to admit I have done virtually nothing in the garden this month as I have been busy with wreaths and I have a part time job whilst weddings are absent. Fortunately there are not too many things that need doing, most of the cutting back has been done and any climbing rose pruning can occur anytime between now and February.

I gathered lots of home grown foliages for wreaths to compliment the spruce – below is eucalyptus, rosemary, bay, berried ivy, viburnum and senecio or Brachyglottis as it is now called.

And then you can see the stages of making a wreath, mossed base, covered in foliage and then the adorning.

And here is another wreath I made, more natural and I do like a hydrangea in a wreath!

I have been for a walk round the garden and there is still interest with the evergreens, seed heads and grasses but the ground is very wet. The days are short and there is often a keen wind so I am not rushing to find jobs to do out there. But not long before the shortest day and we can look forward to Spring!

So that is it for a year in The Flower House Studio Garden. I hope you have enjoyed reading the posts and seeing how the garden changed over the months. I will not be continuing in the same way next year but plan to take a photo on the first day of each month to keep a record and see how things have developed.

I am cheating a bit this month with my flowers as most are leftovers from Christmas orders and not from the garden but I claim the foliage as home grown!

The very best of seasonal wishes to you all and here’s to a much better 2021, keep gardening!


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